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9'8" High Heel #6335
9'8" High Heel #6335
9'8" High Heel #6335
9'8" High Heel #6335

9'8" High Heel #6335

$1,840 USD

Wave type


Board feel

knee to head high

9'8" x 23 1/8" x 3 1/8"

classic involvement style with plenty of turn and lift on the nose

Skill level



beginner to advanced

Wet Rub

1/4" Cedar

Originally born out of a blend of models that was the new faithful. This one in particular that Karina got 4 years ago had everything just as was intended, the right amount of rocker, a medium amount of concave, pinched but not too pinched rails and enough roll to get it moving side to side without being a rollercoaster. Getting it all dialed meant adding and then taking away the concave until we got it right. Everything is balanced and works together harmoniously in a log that is tried and tested and proven all around the globe.

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Karina High Heel

well balanced wide point slightly back aussie old mal inspired template

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  • Available now

    9'8" High Heel #6335

    $1,840 USD