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9'10" Bill Pin #6381
9'10" Bill Pin #6381
9'10" Bill Pin #6381
9'10" Bill Pin #6381

9'10" Bill Pin #6381

$2,040 USD

Wave type


Board feel

thigh to head high

9'10" x 23 3/16" x 3 3/16"

stable yet responsive, maximum trim

Skill level



beginner to advanced

Wet Rub

1/4" Cedar + 1/2" Black Foam

Having evolved from the Keeper to provide a little more agility and responsiveness off the tail, the Bill Pin offers classic pintail feels while remaining a true log. The area in the tail, which is generous, gives me flashbacks to some of the original longboards I experimented with in the 90’s. The extra curve allows you to move from rail to rail smoothly, which means it turns like a treat, and it also helps with being able to adjust your trim speed when you’re flying down the line. I really love how easy it stalls and redirects back into the pocket. The roll in the tail moves forward to a generous amount of blended concave in the nose. The outline of the nose is blunt and slightly more narrow than our other models, which means you can get really critical hang fives and tens, but the concave is forgiving and allows you to noseride even when you’re not in the steep sections. The Bill Pin is a Thomas Surfboards classic that’ll stay the same forever.

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Bill Pin

no to wide not to narrow up front with a hippy pin tail

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