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Thomas Surfboards is a custom surfboards manufacturer based in Noosa Heads, Australia, led by shaper Thomas Bexon and glasser Jake Bowrey. We provide surfers with access to high quality, custom surfboards, from every era of surfboard design. Further to that, we’re committed to creating places and spaces where surfboard design, culture and construction is revered.


Our designs are focused on the principle of trim, which promotes maximum flow with minimum effort. We believe that a well designed surfboard amplifies the energy of the wave, generating its own speed and momentum, leaving you to focus on the enjoyment of surfing. Longboard surfboards, or logs, are great for everyone from beginners to experts, and while your level and desired outcomes will determine the exact size and shape of your board, it’s not uncommon for people of all levels to ride the same longboard design. Our longboards typically range in size from 9’0” to 10’3”, and the length and style you choose will depend on your height, weight, physical abilities, and the types of waves you surf. 

In our longboards, we incorporate a balance of features that promote noseriding, trimming and turning. Most important, in our eyes, is trim, which affects the flow of the surfboard and connects you from the tail to the nose. From there, if your focus is noseriding, we can design a board with that in mind, and the same can be said for turning. However, a board designed with a focus on turning will lose some noseriding capability, and vice versa. Generally speaking, we prefer not to go too far in either direction - we like well balanced surfboards - but ultimately, the decision is yours. 

The same can be said for our mid lengths, which are renowned for their versatility, having been ridden in everything from knee high to double overhead + waves. Inspired by classic egg-shape surfboards, our mid lengths have long, smooth outlines, generous amounts of volume for paddle power, low rockers for fast trim speeds, and contemporary rail shapes and bottom contours for increased turning ability. With slight adjustments, we can customise our mid-lengths to better suit someone from a shortboard or longboard background - a learner or an advanced surfer. And our shortboards follow in the same vein. With everything from the classic Fish, to hybrids, and even modern shortboards, we offer the full gamut of shortboard design. 

Outside of design, our major focus is quality. We use only the best blanks and resin, and our staff take the utmost care in every step of the board building process. We build the absolute highest quality custom surfboards, and with over twenty years of experience doing so, we’re confident in our ability to create whatever it is that you’re after. 

Need help selecting the right surfboard for you? Or want something very customised and particular? Feel free to reach out to head shaper and co-creator Thomas Bexon, to discuss what you’re looking for.