- Pt. 2: Sierra Lerback

Sep 10

Meet Si Si – Sierra – Thomas Surfboards staffer and Noosa’s favourite Hawaiian transplant. Ho brudduhs in da kine islands – you lost a good one here! Si runs the show in the Thomas shop with Husni. The only thing as smooth as her trim style is her coffee game – roll in and ask for a double flatty on Mondays/Fridays/Saturdays and prove me wrong, bitches! More important than the coffee, however, is her surfing – Si’s one of our favourites and we’re proud to have her as part of the fam. I’d say she’s one of the best chicks out there – but F*#K that – she’s one of the best FULL STOPS! Si takes no shit from nobody – watch out toxic masc fuck boys – she’ll flex if you snake! Alas, we’re not here to discuss Si’s distaste for point fuckwittery, we’re here to discuss her surfboards, and there’s some real beauts in the mix. Take for instance, her 9’8” Stepdeck – the true sidewalk surfer of our collection – Sierra reckons that if she couldn’t noseride this thing she’d think about taking up croquet. Just kidding, but in all seriousness, whether you’re a legend like Si doing the gnarliest of gnarlies, or an intermediate surfer tryna cross-step your way into the next realm, the Stepdeck is worth noting. Her 9’6” Harrison model is another class act... the Harrison is the all-rounder of logs, a smooth operator, low-key one of the top 4 noseriders in the Thomas mix – easily one of the best to turn. Si knows what’s up – it’s her “go to.” And let’s not forget, being from Hawaii Si grew up riding the full quiver, so her shorties are just as important to her as her logs. Sierra’s currently packing a 6’0” FU, which is a hybrid 80’s/90’s thruster that she uses to spray unsuspecting shoulder hoppers. The FU is the board for those who want to go high-pro but still want the volume and trim of an old-school board. Lastly, a board you’ll see pop up in almost every one of the staff’s quiver is Si’s Keel Fish. Si rides a 5’4” and it’s the speediest of speed demons that we’re producing out of the Thomas Surfboards facco. The Fish has easily been our team’s fav for the last 6 years. For any more insight, roll into the shop and ask Si her thoughts.