Aug 18

Doc and Jake recently returned from their yearly sojourn to Europe, where they claim that they shaped upwards of eighty surfboards and glassed more than forty. Back here, we like to claim that all they did was eat cheese and drink full bodied Bordeaux reds.

As usual, Doc went about his travels with an eclectic range of trendy 35mm film cameras... which we like to make fun of him for – this being the Thomas Being Trendy segment of our fantastically un-popular blog. In it, we never cease to note that Doc’s rad n’ hip n’ handy, with a planer and a camera – lol. In spite of the fun we make, we actually love the semi-artistic (emphasis on semi, haha) and somehow intimate images he returns from abroad with. While Doc’s response to a question about his trip might be blasé, short and non-informative, (cliché alert) his photos tell a thousand words. Just look at the photo above of Jake, he has an “I’ll put up with the photo Doc but don’t expect me to pose” look on his face. The rolls of film are come back like Thomas family travel albums. Needless to say, everyone ignores the distinct lack of cheese and wine in the images. And what about the photo below? If you ignore Doc’s great mirror image composure with the hip, split-frame camera he got in Japan, and the (I guess) really nice looking orange and blue boards on the racks, you can spy the ever-present-in-surfboard-factory-bikini-girl-poster. Charming, isn’t it?

And as it turns out, Doc and Jake did do a little more than just work in Europe. Hence the images of Porsches and beaches. I knew it. At some point during their gallivanting they ended up on an ultra-exclusive island off Germany, driving 600 horse power cars on 60km roads. Haha, so slow, suckers! Alas, the author of this ridiculous text is obviously a glass half-full person, and Doc’s story of turning off traction control and doing burnouts in a gravel carpark may have been the cause of a large amount of jealousy. Ok... I’ll shut up now.