Last month, three of our favs did the old hop-skip-n'-jump from Noosa, across the Pacific, and down to Oaxaca, Mexico, where they enjoyed cold margaritas and long walks on the beach, before ending the trip with peeling scalps and severe food poisoning. Your quintessential surf trip to Oaxaca!

On the long walks, they aimed for the tip of point breaks, carrying 9'6" Town Bikes, 5'6" Mod Fish, and 6'4" MV2's. From the tip of the points, they surfed perfect right handers with the artistic elegance they're renowned for.

They say they lived off a diet of Tecates, Doritos, and laughter, and that their fun was only tempered by the Oaxacan heat, which had a tendency to do the whole burn, tan and peel the skin thing. 

Needless to say, the rest of us are heapz jealous.

Photos by Liv and the girls. 



Sep 05