The Moose Knuckle

The Moose Knuckle is our most versatile longboard to date.

Born out of a desire to push through turns without sacrificing stability, the Moose Knuckle is a fresh feeling, easy to ride, all-rounder. The wider nose outline and generous concave makes for effortless noseriding, while the slightly pulled in tail is super responsive under the back foot. If the Harrison, Townbike and Keeper had a threesome and created a longboard lovechild, the Moose Knuckle would be it.

In 6 months of testing, we've put the design through its paces in pumping point breaks, sketchy beaches, perfect Javanese reefs, and of course, grovelly, knee-high slop. The feedback has been positive on all accounts, and we're not shitting you, we've seen some of the best rail surfing from our team, ever. A lot of our designs are great noseriders (it's kind of a prerequisite for a longboard) but if you're looking to finesse your positoning and turning, fade takes offs, dropknee turns etc..., you might want to consider the Moose Knuckle for vour next lonaboard. Those of us who have one of the designs can't get off them, and those who don't are already in line for the next production run.

The Moose Knuckle - shit yeah. 



May 24