How to make eight years feel like two weeks? Husni. How to attack a dance floor? Husni. How to wet a nipple…? Husni. Not sure where I’m going with this, but we wish it was to Batu, so we could see… yep, Husni. 

In case you haven’t met the man, Husni has been front and center in the Thomas retail store since day dot. He’s charming and cheeky and we love him. 

The plan for this blog was to write a deep and meaningful testament to him, you know… talk about how special he is, how funny and generous, how caring and irreverent, and go on to say how much we miss him now that he’s moved back to West Java. We thought we’d post it here as a bit of a thank you, because truly, we can’t thank him enough for his time here. 

Alas, when we put pen to paper we started crying like lil’ babies - the mongrel’s left a gaping hole in Noosa’s heart, and the wound ain’t close enough to healing for us to handle D&M’s. So instead, here’s some photos of the dude being his fun/silly self. We’ll save the tears for next time.

Dec 06